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Asbestos, mold, led….  Are the most common hazardous contaminants found in buildings and building materials.  Being flame retardant asbestos is found in many buildings, mechanical rooms and on most piping.  It was used as a bonding agent for plaster in the building of walls, ceilings, floor tiles and shingles.  Since it’s ban in the early 70’s, it hasn’t been used however can be found in any building built before 1980.  Although not a threat, when it is altered or manipulated it becomes friable and must be dealt with in the most secure and safe way possible.


Whatever the contaminant may be our trained professionals will suggest the most appropriate procedure to ensure both the client and employees ‘safety during and after the decontamination process.  Any contaminated materials are removed, sealed and disposed of in the appropriate facility all in line with the instated environmental laws. We ensure air quality and site cleanliness. Safety and satisfaction are never overlooked.

  • Asbestos abatement/removal
  • Contaminant treatments (Moisture/mold, Lead, vermiculite,asbestos, chrysotile…)
  • Re-insulation
  • Clean demolition
  • Sealer application
  • Anti-fungal
  • HEPA cleaning


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